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30 June 2010 @ 05:41 pm
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fanfiction list
disclaimer: i do not own the characters mentioned in the stories. all works are fictional.
i posted at two journals, so this is where i can collectively link to all my fics. :)

JE fandom

5 Valentines Tatsuya gets from members of JE + 1 (oneshot)
nishikido ryo/ueda tatsuya; pg-13, romance, fluff
tatsuya is waiting for the one special valentine from a certain someone.

Best Present Ever (oneshot)
nishikido ryo/ueda tatsuya; pg-13, hint of smut, humor
It’s Ryo’s birthday. So what does Ueda give him?

Collections of Love and Hurt (various song drabbles)
ryoda, ryoshige, akame; pg-13
based on a few songs, romance, fluff, a hint of smut, and angst

Don't ever leave me again
nishikido ryo/ueda tatsuya; pg, AU, fluff
Ryo's mother died, so now he's very sad about it and wants someone to hold him. That someone being Ueda, his best friend. But Ueda has been gone for a long time because he went to America. Will Ryo see him again, the person that he wants to hold the most?

Living together (drabble)
ryoshige; (high)pg-13, romance
what happens when shige has ryo living with him?

Reason (drabble)
nishikido ryo/ueda tatsuya; pg, fluff, romance
the reason that ueda love-hates ryo...

there's nothing better than sweet peaches (drabbles)
ryopi; pg, crack
ryo has the weirdest fetish ever.

Three Simple Words (drabble)
ryoshige; pg, fluff, romance
the three words that ryo just can't say to shige, even on valentine's day.

Tomodachi (drabble)
akame, yamapi, ryo; pg, fluff, friendship
jin goes around asking a question, but when it comes to kame, what is his answer?

TVXQ fandom

fragrant petals of you (drabble / secret santa fic)
yoochun/junsu; pg, romance
yoochun's thoughts about junsu over the years.

gambling (drabble)
yoochun/junsu; pg, fluff
gamble away, and in then end you take what you win.

like that bright sky, like that white cloud. (drabble)
yunho/jaejoong; pg, fluff
yunho admires (loves) jaejoong for a lot of things.

of reminiscence and perfection. (songfic)
implied!yoosu; pg, angst
reminiscing the old days and wondering, what it would take for me to see you once again?

passing away from you (drabble)
yoochun/junsu; pg, angst, character death
the things that happen when you least expect it.

reset & monster (two drabbles)
dbsk, yoosu; pg, crack
inspired by SJ's songs.

searching for an answer (drabble / secret santa fic)
yoochun/junsu; pg, fluff
what do you get when you ask questions?

triangles, not squares (oneshot)
yunjaechun; pg-13, humor, crack, AU
jaejoong is trapped between two guys in a love triangle, so what decision does he make?

v-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-e-'-s d-a-y. (various drabbles)
yoosu; pg - r, fluff
14 drabbles of yoosu love, each with a different setting, songs-inspired.

what you don’t know, won’t hurt you. (drabble / secret santa fic)
yoochun/junsu; pg, fluff
It’s the little things in life that makes a person happy.

you and me = PIE (drabble)
yoochun/junsu; pg, fluff, randomness
their bond is inseparable, tied together by the red string of fate.


super junior fandom

Coffee Please? (oneshot)
Eunhae; pg, romance, AU, 2002 words
What started as a cup of black coffee turned into something more. (009/100; coffee)

Hyung will do it.
heechul/kibum, hankyung; pg, comedy-ish, mischief
What really happened to hankyung's hair. (027:100; replacement)

i can breathe no more. (oneshot)
eunhyuk/donghae, eunhyuk/IU; pg, romance(?), 1576 words
will there ever be an ending for the both of them? / it suffocates me to see you with someone else; i just can't breathe.
sequel to you're my heart-heart-heart-heartbreaker.

missin' you (drabble)
eunhae; pg, romance
i'm missin' you~ donghae sings at the top of his lungs, still hung up on his Don't Don days.

nobody but you (oneshot)
eunhae; pg-13, romance
nobody nobody but you! (nobody - wonder girls)

nine song fic meme (various song drabbles)
eunhae; pg - r
inspired by kpop songs.

untitled (oneshot)
hanchul; pg, crack, romance
birthday boy always get a present. (maybe or maybe not.)

when you're five (you can do anything.) (oneshot)
eunhyuk/donghae; pg, fluff, kid!AU, wc1900~
some things just don't change with age.

you're my heart-heart-heart-heartbreaker. (oneshot)
eunhyuk/donghae, eunhyuk/IU; one-sided romance, pg, 773 words
you tell him, but the only person he sees is somebody else, not you. / everybody is heartbroken.

beast fandom

next to you (but you just can't see me) (drabble)
doojoon/yoseob; g, angst, heartbreak
when there's a hole in your heart and your world is falling apart, who will be the one to heal you?

suffocate (oneshot)
doojoon/yoseob; pg, fluff/romance
you took my breath away but replaced it with something so much more.

various fandoms, etc.

my saviour (drabble)
shaman king, hao/yoh; pg, twincest
it's in your heart and mine. i will save you.

untitled (drabble)
hong gil dong drama, yi nok/young master (the prince); pg, onesided love, angst
would you stay? stay here with me. don't go to him.

(chaptered, on hiatus)
dbsk/suju crossover, pg, fluff, romance, sneakiness.
Kyuhyun/Changmin (friendship), Eunhae (later on), probably more later.
tell me your wish, tell me the little dreams in your head - genie, snsd girls' generation
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